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Vision / Mission

Our Vision is to introduce ourselves (FSOL) as a leading Syrian group, compile the plant biodiversity of our home country in an easy to use format, and act as a volunteer to promote public awareness on all levels and sectors of the society.
We shared our vision with participants from local communities, students and NGOs in the field of protection & sustainable use of plant biodiversity.
Our Mission is to launch activities in research, data collection, information exchange and documentation of Syria's flora.
FSOL is using the Arabic language to describe plant biodiversity in Syria on the species level as part of its mission to take actions in developing training material and teaching curricula for the new generation of botanists and ecologists in Syria, as well as in other Arabic speaking countries.
FSOL aims to provide a unified description of the Syrian plants, with photos and illustrations of most species, and distribution maps of the taxa that have special importance.
FSOLs data cover all Syrian territories. Upon completion of data collection, it will lead directly to formulate a national project to issue a modern flora of Syria. 

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