FSOL is a team work initiative to establish a data base on the documented, published and new recorded species of plant biodiversity of Syria. We are trying to develop an essential tool for conservation planners, policymakers and practitioners at all level

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Agrobiodiversity newsletter

The article describes the biodiversity in area of Jabal El-Arab التنوع الحيوي في منطقة جبل العرب - سورية

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English brochure of FSOL

a brochure explains the structure and outputs of FSOL.

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بروشور تعريف بالموقع

للتعريف بمحتويات الموقع وطريقة الاستعلام والبحث

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ورقة علمية (د. ياسمين عليوي)

ورقة علمية تهدف إلى مسح وتصنيف الأنواع النباتية في منطقة تل شيحان (شمال السويداء)

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Key Biodiversity Areas for Plants in the South and East Mediterranean flora (Syria)

Key Biodiversity Areas for Plants of Syria with summary on actions and plans

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Interesting, Provocative, and Enigmatic: Morphological Observations on Southeastern Quillworts (Isoetes Isoetaceae, Lycopodiophyta)

A paper describes some recent descriptions of new recorded of species of Isoetes. Mwaffak Chikhali were member of field team in Syria

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